3-D Puzzle

How It’s Done

The aim is to make a predesigned structure from 15 elements in the shortest time possible

When the team members first start to put it together, they have a visual guide to help them. Once they have assembled it, however, the first version is taken apart and the team has to rebuild the construction as quickly as possible – but this time it may be without the guide

The group can only succeed by optimizing communication and by ensuring that all team members coordinate effectively with each other. In fact, the most well-coordinated teams manage to build the 3-D puzzle  in less than 20 seconds!

Themes & Outcomes

Team cooperation: reaching and modifying agreements, working towards common goal, team communication

Managing change processes: collecting and integrating ideas for optimization, CIP (continual improvement process), progressive development of new procedures

Leadership: effective and target-focused facilitation, motivating, maintaining the overview, steering optimization processes

The 3-D Puzzle is an excellent tool for anyone intending to explore coordination of procedures and structural change. It is also useful for illustrating topics such as team co-operation, leadership and change management.