Teamwork Journal

We have executed more than 500 sessions for groups ranging from 12 participants to 1,000 participants

Most frequent questions and answers

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What Problem does your company solve for customers?

A) Every person is Unique, this in itself is very good. The downside being that when these individuals come together as a team it’s sometimes difficult for them to align themselves with the rest of the team. Teamwork addresses some of these situations and helps individuals retain their identity while at the same time they work together as one functioning Unit.

2) What results does your company give?

A) With our teambuildling activities we don’t intend giving results overnight. Rather we start them on the journey of empathizing with the rest of the team and beginning to see matters from different perspectives. We help break the ice and this is then translated into better communication at the workplace.

3) How does your company create that result:

A) We conduct various activities in which every individual participates according to his/her level of competence. In these activities every individuals contribution is of Utmost importance. At the end of the activities, individuals feel a sense of achievement, camaraderie and Team Spirit.

4) Who does your company serve?

A) We conduct activities across the spectrum of industries and at all levels, right from the shopfloor workers to the CXOs

5) Why do you do what you do?

A) We have worked in Organisations as employees and attended training programs. We’ve all suffered ‘DEATH BY PPT’. We figured that there would be a more interesting way of getting the message across. Hence our foray into experiential learning.

6) Why Should Customers choose you?

A) We’ve had participants coming to us at the end of the program and saying that these couple of hours were among the best in their lives. Organisations have been with us from the time they worked with us the first time. This is testimonial enough that they are getting what they were looking for. We are constantly re-inventing ourselves and keeping the Customers continuously Amazed.