In this challenge you will be recreating one of the strongest structures in history: the Pyramid. This requires monumental skills in teamwork and project management. Beginning with a ‘me focus’, the participants concentrate on their individual assignments before coming together to apply their individual efforts in the ‘team focus’. ‘Team Focus’ works on group problem solving and stresses the importance of individual input to the bigger picture.  Lastly, teams will embrace the ‘whole group focus’, where team objectives come together to provide all the elements necessary to build an interconnected pyramid.

Teams are given cardboard pieces, tapes, cutters measuring instruments and basic designs for a pyramid. They are informed that they have to join the individual pyramids to form a team pyramid. This is quite a challenging task and requires thinking out of the box. Once the team pyramids are ready they are informed about the Group challenge which is to make a Giant pyramid. The teams thus realize that this is only possible through collaboration.